Mt Bromo Tour Camping During Milky Way Season 2 Days 1 Night

Mt Bromo Tour Camping During Milky Way Season 2 Days 1 Night | Camping at Mt Bromo. Mount Bromo is one of the favorite holiday destination tourists both domestic and foreign tourists because it has the charm of an incredible sunrise (Bromo Tour Sunrise). Milky Way Mt Bromo is a tour package bromo five locations consisting of milky way, Sunrise, crater of Mount Bromo, Bukit Padang Teletubbies and Savana, Whispering Sands. This package featured Mount Bromo Most visitors to see the beauty of the magnificent sunrisenya course. But did you know, apart from Sunrise (Sunrise) There are still other beauty turns that you have to enjoy that Milky Way, Mount Bromo is much in demand by local and foreign tourists who are interested in photography and want to hunt moment Milky Way. Many foreign tourists who said that the phenomenon of Milky Way in Mount Bromo is one of the best. Milky Way is a collection of millions of stars that have a volume such as dust and gas well located in the disc / galactic plane.

Mt Bromo Tour Camping During Milky Way Season 2 Days 1 Night

Mt Bromo Tour Camping During Milky Way Season 2 Days 1 Night

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour Package We specialize for lovers of photography because it is not easy to get a perfect picture, only with sophisticated camera will be able to capture perfectly. then we as a provider of travel on behalf of the “Kampung Travel” provides the Mount bromo milky way tour package with a duration of 2 days 1 nights.

Tour Packages Bromo Milky Way For Photographers

Mount Bromo Tour Milky Way From Bali Island, Mt. Bromo has various convenience place to take Milky Way Bromo For Photography such as Mentigen Hill, Seruni Point Peak, Love Hill, Kingkong Hill and Pananjakan (the highest top in 2.770 m). Before you enjoy Milky Way on Mount Bromo, You must start from Surabaya Airport in the morning around 08.00 – 10.00 AM, In order you can have more time to relax in your Hotel because Bromo Milky Way Photography started at Midnight from your hotel by using the Jeep 4 WD. Detail itinerary of Bromo Milky Way tour, You can read more below.

Bromo Milky Way Tour from Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Bali Island :

Day 01 : Surabaya – Hotel Arround Mount Bromo
Pick you up by AC (air conditioned) tourist car from Surabaya, (Airport, Hotel, Train Station, Harbor) then accompany you to your hotel at Bromo Volcano area
After you reach your hotel, Stay all night while enjoy the environment or circumstance.

Day 02 : Bromo Milky Way – Bromo Tour Sunrise – Drop Off
(11.00 AM) Wake you up for preparing then start Enjoy Mount Bromo Milky Way at 11:30 AM by the jeep bromo tour 4WD to take you to Pananjakan (the higest summit at 2,770 m)
(01:30 AM – 06:30 AM) get the Jeep Parking in Kingkong Hill area, walking for 10 minutes to the view point then enjoy Milky Way until satisfied and finish at 05.00 AM then waiting for Bromo Tour Sunrise at 05.20 AM and enjoy the view until finish and satisfied then comeback to your Jeep to continue your trip to the Crater by stop at Sea of Sand (parking lot)
(07:00 AM – 08:00 AM) get the Sea of Sand (parking lot) then start trekking to Bromo Crater for 30 minutes or you can take the horse transportation for 15 minutes.
(08:00 – 09:30 AM) after get Bromo Crater, enjoy your time until satisfied and comeback to your hotel for 15 minutes driving
(09:30 – 11:00 AM) Get your Hotel then have breakfast, take Shower and relax until ready to check out
Check out from your hotel and comeback to Surabaya, Banyuwangi or Bali, After you reach your location request, finish your holiday.

Facility for Bromo Milky Way Tour Package :

Private driver and AC (air condition) travel car by shuttle
Private Jeep 4 WD for Picking Up service from Hotel to highest peak by shuttle
Transportaion fuel, parking fee and travel tax
Mineral drinking along the tour
Hotel and Breakfast
Entrance Fee
Parking fee
First aid kid
For detail informastion about Mt Bromo Tour Camping During Milky Way Season 2 Days 1 Night and our facility, you can visit our contact us

Mt Bromo Tour Camping During Milky Way Season 2 Days 1 Night

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour 2 Day 1 Night

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour 2 Day 1 Night, Bromo Sunrise Tour is one of the flagship packages that most in interest by the visitors. Mount Bromo is one of the tourist icon in East Java where precisely in Probolinggo, Bromo tourism object is already able to attract some tourists and locals who want to visit Mount Bromo. In addition to the beauty of the rising sun, many other tourist destinations in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour 2 Day 1 Night

Ijen Travel Guide provide this tour package with special price and comfortable service for the costumer satisfaction. After your tour booking have confirmed by Us. We will pick you up from your location or your address by AC (air conditioned) car and take you to Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari village to change your private car into the Jeep 4 WD. then start visiting at 02:00 AM until finish enjoy the Bromo Sunrise Tour , crater, Sea of Sand, Savana Hill and other view in Bromo National Park.

After finish the tour, Some visitors usually comeback to their arrival before and some of them continue their trip to Madakaripura Waterfall (the most beautiful waterfall in East Java Province) that very close from Mount Bromo or continue a tourist trip to the Songa rafting adventure camp, to have the beautiful view and a long trajectory . For detail itinerary of Bromo Midnight, you can read more below.

Tour Program Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour :
Day 1 : Pick Up Service – Mount Bromo Hotel Area
We will pick you up at the airport or Train Station in Surabaya or Malang based on your time schedule and drive you to cemoro lawang village to stay at the hotel about 4 hourthan check in hotel and then we will visit the spectacular sunset in mentigen hill After that, we will back continue to hotel and free program.

About your lunch and dinner we will take you on local restaurant

Day 2 : Bromo Sunrise – Drop Off
At 03.30 am, we will start driving to go to the most famous view point in the world at Mt.Pananjakan (2774 m) of the Tengger Caldera. Here, we will see dramatical sunrise and panorama with five mountains in the Tengger crater and an active Mt.Semeru (3676 m). After that, the driving down to cross the sea of sand to go to Mt.Bromo by riding a horse or walking. And We will go back to the hotel, have a breakfast, check out and then continue driving to Surabaya or some place for drop out and holiday mount bromo sunrise tour is ended.

Price Inclusive :

Private Land Transportation by Ac
Bromo Entrancfee
Accomodation Bromo
Mineral Water
Jeep-Bromo 4×4 WD
English Speaking Local Guide
Daily Breakfast

Exlusive :

Travel Insurance
Tiping Guide and Driver
Totaly Expense during your time

so much information about Tour Package of Bromo Sunrise and Bromo Milky Way with the duration of the day that we provide for you, if you are interested in the package program we provide can contact us.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour 2 Day 1 Night

Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Package 3 Day 2 Night

Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Package 3 Day 2 Night - tour package of bromo crater mountain with the duration of 3 days 2 nights is one of the most favorite tour packages and much liked by the visitors both local and foreign tours, many choices of tour packages in East Java are interesting to visit,
but the tour of bromo mountain and ijen crater is a very interesting place especially for the tourists who like to climb.

Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Package 3 Day 2 Night

Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Package 3 Day 2 Night

Day 1: Surabaya - Mount Bromo
Your early pickup will begin by adjusting the schedule from Surabaya
Arriving in the morning or afternoon at the airport,
Railway Station in Surabaya or Malang based on your time schedule and take you to Cemorolawang village to stay at hotel like your accommodation, check in hotel and free program.
(we will do the sunset tour when we reach the hotel around 4.30 pm)

Day 2: Bromo Mountain Tour Sunrise - Banyuwangi / Bondowoso
At 3:00 am,
we will begin to drive to the world's most famous point of view on Mount Pananjakan1 (2770 m) from Tengger Caldera. Here, we will await the rising sun and dramatic panorama with five Tengger volcano mountains and active volcanoes.
Semeru (3676 m) the highest volcano in Java. After that,
driving through a sea of ​​sand to Mount Bromo by riding a horse or on foot. And we will return to the hotel for breakfast around 8:00 am, after that collect your bag and check and then continue the trip to Banyuwangi to stay at Hotel Ketapang Indah or Ijen View in Bondowoso,
it takes about 6 hours. We will stop at White Sand beach first for lunch and relax.

Day 3: Blue Fame Ijen Crater - Drop Off
At 00.00 WIB, we will start short drive to pal tuding and from start trekking 3km about 2 hours to reach the peak and walk to blue acid lake,
search for and get a spectaculer of blue flame.
After that, we left the Ijen plateau back to the hotel with breakfast, bathing and check out drive to Surabaya Airport 7h or Ketapang Harbor 15 minutes to Bali and bromo ijen crater tour program ends.

Already Included in this tour package:
private car air conditioning during travel (BBM and driver english)
Hotels in Bromo 1 night
Hotels in Ijen 1 night
private jeep 4 WD at bromo mountain
entrance ticket of bromo mountain and crater of ijen
mineral water during the trip

Not included in the tour package:
Waterfall madakaripura
tour guide during the trip (custom order)
rent a horse in bromo mountain
lunch and dinner
blue flame ijen crater

If you are interested in Bromo Ijen Tour Packages that we provide you, for detailed information and prices you can contact us.

Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Package 3 Day 2 Night

Ijen Crater Tour Package And Mount Bromo 3 day 2 Night

Ijen Crater Tour Package And Mount Bromo 3 day 2 Night | Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour, Mount Ijen Blue fame and Mt Bromo Tour Package is one of the travel packages featured highly preferred by the visitors . Package Ijen and Mount Bromo requires a duration of 3 days , because for the trip to travel to locations far enough . Idyllic natural beauty that is in the travel and tourism bromo blue flame at Mount Ijen is indeed very interesting for the tourist who have visited

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Packages 3 days 2 night

Ijen Crater Tour Package And Mount Bromo 3 day 2 Night

Surabaya to Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo Tour, Trekking to Bromo and Ijen crater from Surabaya. Bromo and Ijen travel packages picked up from Surabaya , Malang , Banyuwangi , Gili Ketapang Banyuwangi or Bali . For the price of travel packages and Mount Ijen crater of Ijen is on account of the number of participants.
You can book our packages if you plan to visit this tourism object. We will give you the best price, good facilities as well. Our packages used system private tour which also include transportation, private driver, hotel reservation, ticket for admission to the tourism object as well.

Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Packages 3 days 2 night

For alternative detail itinerary of tour packages read more below.
Day 1
At 10am pick you up by our team from Surabaya Airport, Hotel, or train station.
Take you to hotel around mount bromo. Need a time about 3,5 hours drive
We can stop to lunch on way during drive heading to Bromo
After arriving at Bromo area, get your hotel then check-in hotels, rest while waiting for tour schedule. Free program.
Day 2
2.30am wake up, prepare to Bromo Sunrise Tour schedule
3am by using Bromo jeep bring you to mount penanjakan 1 for enjoy the sunrise
5.30am continue the trip schedule we will go to Bromo crater,we must stop on jeep parking area at sea of sand then walking to crater. For alternative can take the horse riding transportation
Next tour schedule is mount Bromo exploration by visiting Teletubbies hill, savannah, sand whisper
9am go back to hotel and packed up, breakfast, and then check-out from hotel and continue the trip to Ijen Crater. Need a time about 6 hours drive.
Arrive to hotel around Mount Ijen area, then check-in and stay overnight. Free program.
Day 3
Wake you up at 2 am prepared to starting ijen crater tour packages
2.30 am starting tours using car, and then go driving to Patulding about 45 minutes from yours hotels
From Patulding (parking area) we must do trekking to Ijen peak
After arriving on ijen summit, enjoy sunrise of java and the beauty of ijen crater. Need about 2 hours for explore all the attractions
After completion explore mount ijen, we have to get down from peak for breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast we do preparing to return, and then check-out hotels to come back to the place pick you up in Surabaya Airport. Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Packages 3 days 2 night is finished.

Fasilities in this travel package :
English speaking driver
Private AC (air conditioned) Van / car from start until finish vacation
Accommodastion and breakfast in Mt Bromo area and Ijen
Transportation Fuel, travel tax and parking fee
Lokal guide for ijen crater trekking
Private jeep 4 WD for tourism objects
Mineral dringking along the tour

Exclude :
Madakaaripura waterfall
english speaking tour guide
Horse trasnportation for Mount Bromo Crater
Travel insuranse and personal expense
Lunch and dinner

For detail information about Ijen Crater Tour Package And Mount Bromo 3 day 2 Night, Tour package price, Jeep Bromo, Rent Car Bromo From Surabaya, yout can visit our Contact

Ijen Crater Tour Package And Mount Bromo 3 day 2 Night

Ijen Crater Tour Package 2 Day 1 Night

Ijen Crater Tour Package 2 Day 1 Night

Ijen Crater Tour Package 2 Day 1 NightIjen Tour Package From Banyuwangi | Tour Ijen Crater Pakckage, vacation packages Ijen crater is climbing tour, travel packages ijen is very suitable for those who love hiking and exploring the mountains. Ijen travel packages is very much visited by foreign tourists and local tourists. Ijen Crater is the largest crater lake in Java. Sulfur crater lake located between the natural dam deeply etched stone. It is 200 meters deep and contains about 36 million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in swirling clouds of sulfur smell. Inside the crater of a different color and size of the stones are found. Ijen Crater is indeed a beautiful garden stones as well. The main attraction at Ijen crater is a huge lake that has a lot of sulfur, which lies hidden between the thin walls grooved rock at more than 200 meters. Ijen crater itself is situated at approximately 2,300 meters above sea level. It forms a twin volcano at Mount Merapi is now extinct. Large crater lake, which is 200 meters and covers an area of ​​more than a meter, one million square meters, contains about 36 million cubic meters of steam, acid water.

Ijen Crater Tour Package 2 Day 1 Night

Here 's the program details Ijen crater tour packages that we provide for those who want adventure

Day 1 : Surabaya / Banyuwangi - Hotel Ijen
The first pick-up will be done from Surabaya or Banyuwangi
Ijen get to the hotel , free program .

Day 2 : Trekking Ijen Tour - Transfer Out Surabya / Banyuwangi
Morning wake up at 1:00 , in order to proceed to Patulding ( last parking location for the climb to Mount Ijen )
You will be accompanied by a tour guide for a trip to Mount Ijen mndaki . journey to the summit crater of Ijen about 2 hours .
See the blue flame directly from the crater of Ijen and you can also see activity the sulfur miners .
After sufficient activity in the crater of Ijen , returned to the site Patulding and prepared for transfer to Surabaya / Banyuwangi and program tour mt. ijen crater package completion.

The above is a series of trips that we give if you want a vacation to the crater of Ijen , for facilities and price mrnghubungi please contact us .

Ijen Crater Tour Package 2 Day 1 Night

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